Public Access To Marysville Mugshots: Boon Or A Bane

Unless you have been living under a rock, mugshots are not something you haven’t heard of. We all have heard of and even seen several mugshots of arrested people. These are flashed on our televisions during the prime time news. They may even appear in newspapers, tabloids, and various social media. After the advent of the internet, web developers have made dedicated websites to store datasets of mugshots. A simple Google Images search for marysville mugshots will return several images of people who have been arrested. To the common public, these mugshot images are just a click away. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

How does it help?

Forget the images floating around on the internet; a suspect’s mugshot is released to the public before their conviction by the officials itself. This kind of information is not classified as private, and thus the suspect’s permission need is not sought. This is good in the sense that there is transparency in the system. Malicious acts like the interchanging of suspects can be curbed. If there is a suspect on the loose, the public knows the face to watch out for. Therefore, making mugshots public has its benefits. However, are there no risks at all?

How can it turn into a risk?

Due to social media’s prevalence, once an image gets uploaded to the web, taking it down completely is somewhat impossible. Even the websites that maintain a collection of mugshot images may not follow-up on every case published on the website. Therefore, there is a piece of critical information about a person on the internet forever uploaded without their consent. If the person were not convicted of the crime or went through reformations, the mugshots automatically wouldn’t disappear from the web. Thus, traces of their past that they so hardly try to forget to remain accessible to the general public. Therefore, technology has made our lives complicated, too, in some ways.