Our Fresh Produce

Tomatoes - Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, We’ve Got It All

“To-may-to” or “to-mah-to.” No matter how you say it, one thing remains the same; the tomato is a versatile fruit with a rich flavor. We have an array of tomato varieties ranging from small cherry and grape tomatoes great for snacking to juicy, beefy red and yellow beef steak tomatoes. We grow beautiful Heirloom tomatoes with a natural smoky and savory flavor, perfect for sauces and salsas. Heirloom tomatoes are a specialty at Melody Acres as we grow 20 varieties. We also grow meaty Roma tomatoes with a rich, delicious flavor perfect for sauces and salads. You’ll even find tomatillos just right for salsa verde.

Our tomatoes are typically in season beginning in June and running into October or shorter depending on the tricky Indiana frost. Heirloom tomatoes have a shorter shelf life so they usually run from June to August. We have a good supply of red and yellow beef steak tomatoes during the growing season so we can do volume of tomatoes if you are interested in canning.

These tomatoes are quite a sight to see so stop by the farm to check out exactly how many of these red, juicy fruits we have and to ask about our supply.

Pumpkins - Classic Fall Decoration and a Holiday Staple

Pumpkins are the fall favorite, beautiful, big, orange, and decorative. At the farm we grow anywhere from small pumpkins for pies, 25-40 pound large pumpkins, and big, monstrous 100 pounders! We also have a large selection of gourds and decorations perfect for the bewitching Halloween holiday.

Our pumpkins are in season from mid September until Halloween. With the cool, fall weather in Indiana, you and your family can come spend the day on the farm, picking pumpkins, browsing our Halloween and fall decorations, or checking out our genuine antique Amish buggy, a picture perfect moment.

Pick your own pumpkins in the field or choose ones already picked. Either way you’ll be getting quality pumpkins all for the same price. When the weather gets cooler and leaves start to turn, be sure to stop by Melody Acres for a fun-filled pumpkin-picking day!

Corn - An Unexpected Treat

Corn runs a dime a dozen here in central Indiana. Here, there, everywhere, a corn field. It’s a sight we’re accustomed to seeing, but let Melody Acres help you rediscover the wonderful, mouth-watering, home-grown vegetable.


We grow triple sweet and super sweet varieties of corn picked fresh daily. Our corn season starts at the end of June and runs into September. Ears of corn are picked at the height of their growth for an amazing crunchy and sweet taste. Possibilities are endless with corn; roast it on the grill or add it to chowder. It’s a guaranteed treat any way you cook it.  We can do volumes of corn for freezing by request.

With 50 acres of sweet corn, there’s so much more to corn to discover so come to Melody Acres and see what makes this otherwise common vegetable so great!

Peppers - Chili Peppers, Hot Peppers, Bell Peppers; You Name It!

“Wow! I’ve never seen so many peppers before!”
We have a jaw-dropping selection of peppers. Chili peppers, hot peppers, bell peppers; you name it, we have it. We have over 20 varieties of sweet peppers and 25 varieties of hot peppers. There’s whole host and range of colors, and here at the farm, our peppers are planted next to the stands so you can get a firsthand look at all the different types as well as pick and compare. They’re in season from the end of June to October.


Our farm grows standard green, red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, ripe and ready for your stuffed pepper recipes or your fiesta chicken fajitas. Our Bull’s horn peppers and other roasting peppers have thin walls which are magnificent grillers and perfect for your barbecues. Along with all these, take a look at our crunchy, tasty snack peppers, a great, healthy substitution for in-between meals.

Then there are the people looking for those infamous peppers. The peppers that set fire to your tongue and get your sweat pouring. We have a large range of hot peppers starting with Mesilla peppers, mild Anaheim peppers, four different types of jalapeno peppers, and hotter-than-hot ghost peppers.

Taste our peppers in action in some of our Taste of Summer pickles, relishes, and sauces, although we’re sure you’ll love all the pepper varieties with their spunky flavors in culinary creations of your own.

Green Beans - Ditch the Cans; Go Fresh!

Green beans are no exception to our rule; quality over quantity. It’s easy to find batches of green beans at the store or stuffed in water in a can, but visit Melody Acres to see the bright to dark green color of fresh, hand-picked green beans.


We grow stringless green beans, rich in flavor, intense Italian flat beans, yellow wax beans which offer a beautiful presentation to your meals, and horticultural beans. Green beans are usually in season July and August but can sometimes last into September. We can also do volume of green beans if you’re interested in stocking up for canning.

The long and short of it is you’ll want to get the farm early to get your hands on some flavor-packed, delicious beans.

Peas - A Favorite Vegetable with a Multitude of Uses

Salted, sugared, cooked in any way you please, peas offer a wonderful range of cooking ideas. On the farm we grow sugar snap peas, crunchy and sweet, ready to be an ingredient in any stir fry. We also grow English peas, a more traditional pea which can be shelled so that the pea itself is a wonderful snack.


You’ll find our peas ready to go in the late spring into the middle of the summer. These delightful vegetables have a short season so be sure to stop by the farm or visit any of our stalls at local Indiana farmer's markets. 

Onions - Flavorful Onion Varieties for All Your Cooking Needs

You’ll find that our onions are a bit different than what you get in the grocery stores. Melody Acres onions have a better, robust flavor, and thanks to our growing process, they are nearly tearless. Onion lovers will, however, shed a tear to see all our varieties of onions, big and small. We grow your typical storage yellow and red onions, but they’re packed with incredible flavor. We have a few sweet onions on the farm, and they are truly one of a kind.


Onion season runs from the first of July through February or March so you have plenty of time to figure out hearty recipes in which to use them.

Leeks - Don’t Call It an Onion

Leeks are a wonderful fall and winter crop. Starting in September, we grow this unique vegetable well into the winter. Our leeks feature beautiful color, dark green leaves with white necks and are handpicked firm and fresh. 


While the leek does resemble a larger green onion and has a mild onion flavor, the leek stands on its own with a sweeter taste. It makes incomparable choices for leek and potato soups.

Eggplants - Delightful Varieties that Are Sure to Stun

Forget what you know about the eggplant; purple is not its only color. Here at Melody Acres, we have a variety of eggplants from Italian, heirloom Italian, and Oriental. They range from the fat, fleshy teardrop purple plants we’re used to seeing to red and white striped to long, slender eggplants colored from pink into purple.

Eggplants are in season from July into September which is a perfect time to get this vegetable on the grill.

Squash - Summer & Winter

Summer Squash
Our summer squash collection includes zucchini, yellow straight-neck summer squash, and Pattypan squash which is creamy, smooth in texture. Young summer squash is simply delicious to eat raw along with any meal or for any snack. All summer squash is great grilled or sautéed so your culinary possibilities are limitless with this vegetable.

Winter Squash
Melody Acres is proud to farm over 30 different types of winter squash. If you haven’t given a winter squash a shot, surely there’s a squash for you. Our winter squash comes in a variety of densities, sweetness, moisture level, sizes and colors. Sizes can range anywhere from small 1 pound squash to the Hubbard type of squash which usually weigh well over 20 pounds. These vegetables compliment a multitude of spices so much so that a favorite on our farm is simply winter squash cooked in brown sugar and butter. It’s a wonderfully sweet treat to add to any hearty winter meal.  

Ditch the traditional pumpkin pie. Winter squash pie is much more flavorful and the winter squash grows at the perfect time to try this pie out for the holiday season.  Winter squash is available starting in mid September and runs into March. Come on down to the farm in Franklin, IN or visit our farmer’s market local stalls to take a chance on something spectacularly different. 
What’s even greater about our squash is you’ll never pay more than $5 for a squash so if you haven’t tried it, it’s an affordable adventure that your stomach and taste buds won’t be disappointed by!

Cabbage - Fresh Heads of Cabbage for Any Recipe

Cabbage is an old favorite but has endless culinary uses in soups and salads. We grow standard red and green cabbage, savoy and Chinese cabbages with a hint of mustard.

You can find our cabbage from mid-June through to March so you have plenty of time to check out our supply and come back to get some more once you taste the delightful crunch of our fresh cabbage.

Cauliflower - A Unique Vegetable That’s Truly One of a Kind

Just like broccoli, cauliflower is a wonderful vegetable at any time of the day, and like our broccoli, we grow beautiful, nice full heads of cauliflower. We grow white, purple, and green cauliflower. 

The season runs from June to September so stop by frequently to pick up cauliflower and it enjoy it with summer meals all season long.

Cucumbers - A Perfect Addition to Any Meal

Melody Acres cucumbers are sweet and crisp, just as a good cucumber should be. Like all of our produce, we cultivate a wide variety of cucumbers sure to appease any recipe or appetite. 

Check out our standard English cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, or our pickles anywhere from June into the middle of September.

Melons- A Sweet Summertime Treat

Enough talk about vegetables. Let’s get into some fruit! For all those so-so vegetable lovers and those who only eat vegetable when they have to, Melody Acres has some juicy, sweet melons ready for your summer picnics and parties. We grow both watermelons and cantaloupe, but the variety doesn’t stop there. 

Choose from red seeded and seedless watermelons or our incredibly sweet and delicious yellow seedless watermelon. Our cantaloupe is firm, juicy, and sweet and a perfect additions to a refreshing summer fruit salad.
These melons will be ready to go near the start of July, just in time for your Fourth of July festivities and stay in season until mid September.

Brussels - Sprouts Sweet in Flavor, Beautiful in Color

It’s one of the vegetables you probably hated as a child, but rediscover just how truly tasty this vegetable can be with some the sprouts we grow here at Melody Acres. We grow baby Brussels, tender, not too strong in flavor, but naturally sweet. Forget plain old stewed sprouts; try our sprouts roasted for a wonderful tasty side dish. Check out our feature recipe (link to Feature Recipe page) to find out how to make tasty roasted Brussels sprouts and winter squash.

Brussels sprouts are available in the winter with their season starting in mid-September and running through February.

Sweet Potatoes - Better Than Your Average Potato

Sweet potatoes are traditionally a holiday favorite, but these vegetables can be great any time. Our farm grows a variety for any need. Our small, finger-sized sweet potatoes are great raw while our bigger baking types of sweet potatoes are super sweet and incredibly moist.

Our sweet potatoes are harvested in September and last well in January and February so spend a day at the farm selecting sweet potatoes, beautifully colored gold to bright orange.