Randy Stout

Born on his great grandmother’s farm in Union township, Randy Stout is a home-grown boy deeply rooted in this area. He has lived here his entire life, save for the four years he attended the University of Kentucky graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and a minor Agronomy.


After college, he came back to the farm and raised some livestock and corn and soybean crops. He earned a living separate from the farm as the farm wasn’t enough to support itself due to harsh agri-economic conditions of the time. Working under someone else Randy decided he wanted to be his own boss and turn the farm into something different so he began dedicating his time to growing produce.Randy serves the farm in production and management and is quite happy to do so. Getting his hands dirty in the soil that his family has managed for over 90 years is a joy. Being able to grow and give quality and fresh produce to you and his community is a privilege.

Linda Stout

Linda Stout was born in Owen County, just a county away from Melody Acres. A local like her husband, she graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Linda and Randy met coincidentally through her sister and brother-in-law and have been married for four years.

Linda is responsible for Melody Acres Taste of Summer venture. She has always had an interest in cooking as well as canning and preservation so she’s a natural fit for running the signature line of sauces and relishes. The FDA and state approval process is a long and difficult process, but Linda was determined to ensure that the Taste of Summer line is made in a certified kitchen with fresh produce from the farm.

Along with Taste of Summer, Linda handles marketing, record-keeping and customer service on the farm. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has what they need or can find what they’re looking for.