We grow a wide range of vegetables from cherry tomatoes, to a multitude of peppers, to giant pumpkins to juicy fruity melons. Even with a large variety, our focus at Melody Acres is on quality, not quantity. We offer a wide selection of vegetables and flowers that are grown, nurtured, and picked at the peak of ripeness by our very own hands.


Savory Sauces

Melody Acres is proud of the care and attention given to all of our produce. We know you will love the taste, color, and texture of all our vegetables alone, but try them in our signature Taste of Summer sauces, pickles, and relishes. Prepared in an FDA and state inspected and approved kitchen, we put as much effort into our Taste of Summer as we do with the ingredients that go in it.



If you drive by our Lake County farm in the spring or fall, you’ll undoubtedly notice pops of vibrant oranges, reds, lovely violets and pristine whites. Our selection of flowers is unmatched. We grow a large selection of flowers to choose from including favorites like mums, geraniums, all the way to rarities like mina and black-eyed Susan vines.